The medical tourism in India is a glorifying chapter that flourishes leaps and bound since 90’s. The plastic & cosmetic surgery industries in India has always been a great sector that not only a medium for revenue generation but also a knowledge and skills outsourcing sector that provide talent & skills across the globe. The scenario says that a number of surgeries, especially the hair transplant in Delhi are being done with a greater satisfaction rate and the higher output ratio among the hair loss masses. The hair transplant procedure is one of the best concerning surgical procedure that needs an extreme sense of aesthetic skills as well as the précised surgical knowledge to meet the aesthetic goal of the surgery. Our hair transplant Surgeons in Delhi are internationally recognized and certified with the specific skills, degrees and training and their feedback on the reputed restoration portals and forums revealed their outstanding quality in front of the world’s perspective. The medical tourism data says that the year 2017 has been a year full of cosmetic and plastic surgery era since a number of celebs, sports person, and film stars received the hair transplant procedure in India. The television world personality also taken the procedure of restoration, especially in Jaipur and on the whole most of the celebs around the world visited India to achieve the hair restoration procedure.

Nowadays, taking the plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure is a fundamental need for the professionals because everyone wants to look good and presentable in their social setups. To look good is a hallmark to achieve half success and the rest is based on your inner talent. However, the need and wants for getting the hair transplant procedure has enormously increased and easily available in India. The days have gone when taking the cosmetic surgery was a big deal and weighed the meaty cost, which just limited to the creamy-layered people. Now, it is all available at an affordable cost operating by the best Surgeon and Doctors in India and also easily assessable to the economic class of people as well.

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Why India is the Best option for taking the Hair Transplant Procedure:

  1. The Best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons

This is the fact that the Indian Surgeons come on the top-ranked position for providing the best quality hair transplant surgeries with the best possible aesthetic output. It has been seen since last 7-8 years that the number of overseas patients is increasing day-by-day to get the procedure in India. The Doctors are well-versed and Surgeons operating results are outstanding. They have successfully achieved the degrees and certificated along with the needed workshop sessions from the foreign bodies, including the reputed hair restoration forums and society. The Indian Surgeons are an active member of the reputed international society of hair restoration, i.e., the ISHRS and their regular contributions goes to develop the society with the innovative techniques and method of the hair transplant procedure.

  1. The Leading Hair Transplant Clinics

There are good hair transplant clinics in India providing the service of hair transplant procedure added with the most modern technology and equipment support to achieve the desired goal of the hair transplant procedure. The leading clinics in India strictly follow the higher-standard hygienic measure and cleanliness standard that support in making an environment free from the infections and make them favorable for the cosmetic surgical procedure.

  1. The Less Cost of the Procedure

The medical services cost in India is cheaper than Western World countries and it is a major determinative factor that motivates overseas patients to join the medical tourism in India, especially to receive the plastic & the cosmetic surgery procedure. The hair transplant cost in India is around 75% lesser as compared to the cost applicable in the USA, UK, and Europe. The reasonable cost aspect makes a turn-on option for both the national as well as the foreign clients.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair restoration in India is the best selective decision that attracts the hair loss patient across the globe. The increasing ratio of surgeries is being done in India from last 7-8 years as an effect of the Globalization, which empowered the knowledge-power outsourcing of India as well.