Healthy hair is pretty easy to come by; it does not require as much effort as, say, a healthy heart.  Wash and condition your hair regularly, refrain from using too many harsh chemicals and styling treatments, and simply eat some of the right foods and you can have a young, vibrant, healthy Clinique Mediluxe head of hair with very little effort at all.  Add these herbs to your diet, though, and you might find it is just a little bit easier, too.


You might be more familiar with bay leaves as an additive to soups, sauces, and stews, but it can actually improve your hair health.  When you distill it down into a tincture and infusion, bay leaf can actually help you reduce the likelihood of dandruff. It has also been shown, sometimes, to stimulate hair growth.


As familiar as you probably are with bay leaf, the opposite is likely true in regards to burdock.  In fact, it is more likely that you have never heard of it. Burdock is a biennial, Old World plant from the Arcticum genus. It has actually been common to Asian cuisine for hundreds of years.  The burdock taproot, to be specific, can be eaten as a basic root vegetable, much like carrots and beets.  Historically, though, burdock has been dried by herbalists, who use it as a diaphoretic, diuretic, and blood purifying agent.  More recently, though—and more relevant to our discussion—the phytosterol-rich burdock oil has also been found to be an effective herbal medicine for treating scalp issues like dandruff.


Calendula can be used as a cream, salve, or ointment, to treat skin irritations. A cousin of the Asteraceae plant Calendula—known colloquially as the Marigold—has been shown to be effective in healing rashes, insect bites, sunburn, and other skin irritations.  Some cultures have even learned that it can help to soothe issues pertaining to the digestive tract and issues related specifically to women’s health.  But it is the marigold’s color that has afforded its reputation as a hair tonic that can bring out natural golden highlights.


Chamomile is very similar to Calendula in that it is known also for combating digestive issues and has also been known to add highlights to hair. As a matter of fact, chamomile is a key ingredient in the eastern tattooing tradition known as henna, dating back more than 8,000 years.