Before starting taking exercises to lose weight, you should understand the 6 following mistakes thoroughly. If you continue making them, there is no way you can lose weight no matter how hard you work out.

1. Reward yourself with foods

Every time you have done working out, you will feel hungry. It’s easy to understand because when your body loses an amount of energy, it immediately wants to fulfill it. Craving is a sign to tell you that.

That is why you should completely not to turn foods into a reward after exercising so hard. They will become counter-productive and you will waste all of your health as well as efforts. If you find it difficult to control your craving, try some otc appetite suppressants. There are various types supporting people who are on diet and working out.

2. Unreasonable resting time

Resting time includes time between exercises and after you have practiced for a while. To achieve your weight loss goal, you should practice constantly within at least 60 minutes. And the time to rest during that should be only 5 to 10 minutes. After a certain period, which is normally a week, you should rest for a day to reduce muscles stress and increase the quality of exercises in the next phase.

3. Low intensity

Women often make this mistake because most of them don’t have as much both mental and physical strength as men. And they often have to use weight loss pills for women to compensate for the calories that they cannot lose when taking not enough exercises.

If you are one of them, remember that even when you work on a treadmill in an entire hour, there is nothing certain that you can lose weight. Although the time for practicing is important, the intensity is even more crucial. Ask for your coach’s advice to have a suitable intensity for your health condition and goals.

4. Work out too much

People who want to lose weight fast often fall into this situation. Exercising can only bring your joy and comfort when you are not too pressured by losing weight. Therefore, don’t squeeze the time by excessive work-out. You may get exhausted, stressful and it will obviously affect your daily activities.

5. Stable and slow-speed exercises

High-intense exercises allow you to increase your heartbeat and burn fat even when you don’t work out. A safe regimen with stable and slow-speed exercises will make your weight loss process much less efficient. You can combine gym with dance sport or aerobics in order not to get bored and increase your metabolism.

6. Avoiding movements to reduce your heartbeats when finishing exercising

Similar to warming up your body, practicing movements for heartbeat-reduction can help your body get used to the new state and avoid shocks. Finishing your exercises with gentle movements can turn your heartbeat to normal and boost your practicing capacity to a whole new level. You can look for those movements on Google or ask your coach to find out.