Due to the challenges facing us in the world today, we suffer from one form of emotional stress to the other. Some of this emotional stress last longer than others and this pose a challenge on our day to day activities. The damages that emotional stress causes may persist for a long time and if it does, it may result into mental illness known as depression. Depression can be compared to a flu that makes us go through our daily activities with pains. There are a lot of approaches as to how this mental disorder can be eliminated. Some of which we are going to discuss in details.

  • The traditional medical approach: this approach to mental disorder is done by applying herbal substances on the neurochemistry of the brain in order to put a stop to the mental illness and eradicate all its symptoms. As appealing as it sounds, this approach is not able to deal with the wide range of mental issues. There seem to be more to mental illnesses as the symptoms can’t be eradicated by this approach
  • The Jungian approach: the Jungian analyst NYC approach to eliminate metal disorder and its symptoms is quite different from the traditional medicine approach. “We suffer a mental disorder when our body and mind are stressed up emotionally” says Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of Analytical Psychology. Therefore the Jungian approach states that the way to heal from mental disorder is to allow the body to go through the illness itself. This means that the mental illness one suffers from is serving a particular purpose. If the symptom is eliminated, it will prevent healing what actually caused it. When we are stressed up emotionally, our body tries on its own to work through such issues. The type of mental disorder that we suffer from is determined by the type of suffering that we are undergoing. Let us use an example to understand this approach more fully.

Let’s think about flu again – the symptom of flu causes one to have a high temperature resulting in fever. The virus cannot withstand a high body temperature. When the body temperature is high, the virus dies. The body also experience headache and catarrh which also helps in killing the virus. Although these experiences are very unpleasant but these symptoms serve a very important function as it tends to destroy the virus in the body system. Such is the case with mental disorder as it tends to heal itself from the suffering that caused it in the first place.