The proper nutrition and physical health are important for the health of bones. The lack of nutrition can lead to bone disorders especially osteoporosis which is very common among the people of age more than 40 years. But it can happen to the young age people also if not taken care of. The diagnosis should be done and checked for both primary and secondary causes of the bone fractures. If the secondary cause is detected the treatment should be taken immediately. The drugs prescribed for the bone disorders like osteoporosis (breakdown of bones) prevents the bone to be breaking down and also lowers the risk for the future fractures. Among all the drugs present in the market for the prevention of bone deterioration Actonel 35 mg is the most effective. Mostly doctor prescribes this drug to the every patient suffering from osteoporosis.

Actonel should be taken after the doctor’s prescription and proper consultation

If you are diagnosed with the osteoporosis then your doctor may prescribe you the doses of Actonel as this drug is most effective and used for combating bone disorders. But ensure a proper consultation with your doctors because if you are diagnosed with the osteoporosis caused by taking steroids then you must take 5mg daily. If you have Paget’s disease you will have to take the doses for 2 months. Therefore, proper consultation is must. If you are facing any unusual reactions while taking the medications ask your doctors but few side effects like headache, joint pain are common.

Special advice for women

Osteoporosis in women is mainly caused due to menopause, and the 35mg of Actonel is prescribed to them. For the pregnant ladies, the use of this drug should be avoided. Since, it is known about the contamination of Actonel with breast milk, the drug is advised to be avoided for the breast-feeding mothers.