Like Phentermine, Acxion is also a hunger suppressant. It also reduces appetite of the user. For people who are obese, the major drawback is that, they can-not get out of the habit of eating. They tend to feel hungrier than normally healthy people. This can be due to the hormones in their system or depression or temptation. The reasons to eat more can be anything. Thus, they tend to gain more weight and require burning more calories. Acxion is based on the same chemical formula as Phentermine. A German based company known as ChemischeFabrik Berg invented this pill. The company was founded in 1953. In their website, they have enlisted the company’s hierarchy and ownership. It has been built from a family of Wilhelm Berg, which is well-known German family with industrial background. Their company has also invented other vital medicines along with Acxion.

Understanding Acxion

Acxionis is known as an anorectic medicine. Anorectic means that it is an appetite suppressant. It is thus, used as a dietary supplement and a pharmaceutical appetite suppressant. The ingredients in the pill help to suppress hunger and lose weight. They act as natural appetite suppressants. It will help to lower food intake which will ultimately reduce the amount of calories required to burn. Since, you tend to eat less, you lose more weight.

Purchase and Dosae of Acxion

You can buy Acxion capsules either online or in pharmacist store. Few countries have controlled selling on this product, that is, they are sold only with doctor prescription. It is a safe drug. Since this pill is based on chemical formula of Phentermine, like Phen this pill is Schedule IV drug too. The few factors which qualify it to be schedule IV are – there are less chances of abuse with this drug, it can be used for medical purpose and even when consumed for long period of time, it is less likely to cause dependency on the drug. The Acxion pills are Oral Hydrochloride tablets. The maximum dosages which can be consumed are 37.5mg only and it should be taken in a limited period of time – 6 to 8 weeks. Few brands of phentermine can be consumed even three times a day. However, the exact doses should be taken as per physician direction. One should be careful about sites which illegal trade these medicines online.

The laws to purchase this drug vary from country to country. Though it has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) under controlled sales; one should be careful about its online marketing. Purchasing medicines from online mode can be dangerous and illegal. Acxion works best, if it suits one’s body mechanism. However, there are side-effects associated with this pill such as dry mouth, nausea, dizziness and headache, allergic reactions, anxiety, high blood pressure, stomach cramps etc. Thus, one should consume it with the advice of the physician and under their supervision.If the side-effects or allergies prevail, it must be brought under doctor’s notice. The dosage can be limited to two capsules per day, for a period of eight to twelve weeks. For nursing mothers or people under other medications, should avoid intake of this pill.