The world of mixed martial arts is not an easy one to be involved in. Fighters need to be in top shape for their fights and they also need to drop a lot of weight in order to fight according to the regulations set  by the commission for MMA. No need to get too technical about this, but one fighter that felt he had a lot of skills, just didn’t feel like he was fighting in the right category.

A promising fighter named Derek was struggling for a good chance at becoming an MMA fighter. He was fighting at 175, but he felt that he was going to do much better a weight class below that. He had always struggled to go up to 175 and this wasn’t a natural weight for him, so dropping to 155 seemed like the most logical step in his career. The problem was that he was at 177 when a 155 fighter challenged him to a very lucrative deal and he only had 4 months to make this happen.

He was going through a very difficult  time in his life and he didn’t even have the time to be eating specific meals and to be training hard while also having to take care of his family with his day job. He knew that he needed a radical way to make this happen and a friend of his had told him how he had lost over 35 pounds with this system that  allowed him to lead a normal life and forget about dieting.

This is a procedure that has no surgery procedure at all and it uses a balloon system that is placed in your stomach. Derek went to to get details on this system and he was able to get the procedure done almost immediately. He carried on with his life and his regular activities as he trained for the fight and he managed to lose the weight in just 3 months.

He immediately requested for the balloon to be taken out of his stomach so he could just continue to watch his weight and keep it at optimal levels until the fight and that is what he did. He is now a very successful fighter at 155 and reshape ready helped him achieve this.