Christians or people with a religious belief who are suffering from substance abuse disorder are often struggling with their faith as well. Their addiction problem can either make them question the sovereignty of God or make them feel “unworthy” to even ask God for help because of guilt feelings. Unfortunately, both instances eventually lead to neglect of faith, which is manifested by not practicing their religious convictions or complete abandonment of faith.

If you can identify with any of the descriptions mentioned above and you are currently seeking for professional help in your substance abuse problem, it is best that you consider exploring Christian drug rehab centers. Such facilities can assist you in your recovery journey while at the same time helping you regain and strengthen your faith in God.

What is a Christian Drug Rehab Approach?


Christian addiction treatment facilities utilize Christian drug rehab programs that are faith-based. Unlike traditional rehab centers that concentrate on addressing the addiction, a faith-based approach addresses the substance abuse problem of the person from a spiritual perspective.

Proponents of Christian drug rehab centers believe that addicts are abusing drugs and other substances because they are trying to fill an “emptiness” within themselves. Unfortunately, they are not aware that they are only using substitutes (drugs and alcohol) to satisfy their longing, which of course wouldn’t work because what they truly need is a relationship with a Higher Power (God).

It is important to note, however, that faith-based rehab facilities also use and provide the same therapeutic and treatment methods just like other secular rehabilitation centers. The only difference is that Christian rehabs consider a strong connection with God as a critical part of the recovery process.

What are the Advantages of Seeking Addiction Treatment in a Christian Facility?


A Christian or faith-based drug treatment facility can provide numerous benefits to recovering addicts such as the following:


  • It provides a supportive environment that does not judge but fully understands how anybody can fall short and commit mistakes.

Most, if not all, recovering addicts are also experiencing self-blame especially if they are surrounded by people who appear to be faultless and perfect. A Christian addiction rehab center provides a completely different environment because it is welcoming and supportive of everyone as one of the primary teachings of Christianity is that everyone has fallen short and everyone is lacking without God’s grace and mercy.

  • It focuses on healing the entire person – body, mind, and spirit.

Unlike most secular rehab centers that mainly focus on treating the physical and behavioral effects of addiction, Christian rehabs design and create its treatment programs with the intention of providing healing to every facet of the person. This holistic perspective allows for complete healing of the individual. Treating the whole person means that there is a better chance that every little factor that impacts his addiction will be fully addressed. This approach also helps in ensuring long-term sobriety and avoidance of relapse.


  • It has personnel and professional staff with sincere desire to help.



At the end of the day, individuals who are suffering from substance abuse disorder means more than their addiction problem. They are human beings with dignity, intrinsic value, and sense of purpose. Christian drug rehab facilities help addicts to rediscover their inherent dignity and value in the process of treatment, which is why many studies reveal the positive impact of faith-based approach in addiction recovery.