Last couple of years were full of promise from the Swachh Bharat mission to the ‘make India open-defecation free’, to commercial entertainment films like ‘Toilet: Ekpremkatha’ – yet majority of the Indian population still does not have access to basic sanitation facilities. It is quite common to see people using the streets and the bushes by railway tracks as toilets. Lack of toilets has been a challenge for both, urban and rural India. Nevertheless, there was an increase in toilets in urban spaces, while rural and remote Indian villagers still take to the fields for their morning routine. It is not enough to just complain about the government not taking steps to improve the poor levels of cleanliness in our country. Moreover, this is not an issue that can be fought overnight by the government’s efforts alone – it’s time we all take active part in the development of the country and begin with changing mindsets before real change happens. Through a fundraising india, we, the people, can take matters into our own hands.

So here’s a few ways that a fundraising india may help us alleviate problems related to sanitation facilities:

Contribute to setup toilets

Lack of toilets puts people at a risk of disease. Campaigners can raise funds for the expenditure of brick and mortar building of toilets in various regions of India. Funds collect through online donations may be allocated towards building material, labour and manpower, and transportation expenses.

Enable supply of clean water

Once the toilet is built, making it functional for daily use will be the next step. This would require efficient plumbing and ensuring supply of clean water in the toilet. This is as important as building a toilet, because if it’s not done, diseases will continue to prevail, or people just won’t end up using it.

Provision of sanitation products

Taking it a step further, campaigners may raise funds to provide basic sanitation products such as soaps, and sanitary napkins for women, and educate them on the importance of personal hygiene and how using these products may prevent illnesses.

Ensure that people use the toilets built for them

Even though several toilets have in fact been set up by the government, the real problem they faced was the fact that people weren’t using the toilets. This problem relates to a certain mindset, and that of breaking a behavioural habit that has gone on for years. People were not ready to switch to a new system because they were not used to it, and worse, didn’t understand the need for it. This is why education and awareness will be a huge part of such campaigns. Villagers need to be taught how to use the toilets, keep them clean, and ensure that their families use it as well.

At Impact Guru, we believe it is our duty to partake in social development, even if it may not directly benefit us. Let us not underestimate the power of a fundraising india in overcoming the problem of health and sanitation. So if you think you’d be able to contribute your efforts to a cause such as this, you can always find financial support at Impact Guru.