Anavar is known to be a potent and well-tolerated steroid among women which functions by being converted to DHT which means that it is less likely to suppress the testosterone levels in the body. Despite being an oral component it does not create any potential damage to the liver. For this reason, it is considered to be one of the safest anabolic components of all time. On the other hand, Clenbuterol is a supplement that has the capability of burning unwanted fat in the body providing a toned and muscular outlook. Being a mild stimulant it increases the circulation of oxygen into the system and small doses are unlikely to create any liver toxicity or testosterone suppression. This sum up to the fact that users of Anavar and Clenbuterol are less likely to face and permanent negative impacts on their system. The impacts can easily be avoided if proper precautionary measures are taken at the right time.

Know the working mechanism

Anavar is one of those components that is suitable for female use but it has also some muscle building properties that is a matter of concern for the fairer sex. This suitable for athletes looking to add bulk to their physique just before any competition. This is an excellent component at repairing muscle tissues immediately post a strict workout routine. Stacking this supplement with the Clen will turn out to be more effective for women as they are more sensitive to such stacking option. When the two are combined together to formulate a dosage for cutting it will increase the metabolic activity of the body which will help to create tremendous weight-loss results.

The Clen was initially introduced to address problems related to asthma but people gradually developed a liking towards this supplement for its fat burning capabilities. The component has the feature of helping with protein synthesis but when combined with certain steroids like Anavar it is known to emit faster and more effective results. However, the dosage level should be determined with accuracy when combining the Anavar and the Clen in order to derive the desired outcome in the least possible time period. This requires the assistance of an experienced and registered medical practitioner to ensure the proper stacking combination of these two supplements.

Following appropriate dosage for cutting

The standard dose for the Anavar ranges from somewhere between 50mg to 80mg with some users, mostly professionals, soaring higher up for faster and better results. However, the intake level for female users is restricted to 20mg per day. On the other hand, the Clen dosage for men is around 40mcg and for females it is around 20mcg per day. During the cutting phase, the dosage intake and cycle period are different when both the components are combined together. Generally, the dosage for cutting is determined based on the age of the user, the purpose of use among other factors. The normal cycle followed is for two weeks period and a two weeks gap before the next cycle commences.