As shopping from the internet is growing, so as the online pharmacies, they all are cheaper than the regular shops or malls, and who doesn’t want to save money. Another reason is that online pharmacies seem to have extra privacy. For example, you have erectile dysfunction; you wouldn’t want others to know about it. You would want it to be secret but would like to have regular sex life; you need to acheterKamagra Gel. Therefore, you feel like ordering from online pharmacies are safer and no one would know.

But there are risks involved in buying online drugs. Many online pharmacies promise to deliver you medications without a prescription. The drugs they provide to you are counterfeit drugs. Counterfeit drugs are drugs that look like the same drug you ordered, but they aren’t. Their chemical composition is different and doesn’t carry the active ingredients it should have. The worst thing is that the active ingredients in them may cause harm to you or may react with other drugs that you are taking.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

As per the board, around 96% of online pharmacies do not comply with standards of patient safety as well as with the laws of federal or state. Therefore, drugs bought online from unauthenticated websites can also be inauthentic.

Before buying drugs online, you should know:

  • You cannot buy drugs without a legal prescription from a physician who has evaluated you in person. The types of medicines are prescription sedatives, anabolic steroids, stimulants and painkillers.
  • You cannot buy drugs which are not approved by Food and Drug Administration or similar bodies of your country. They might be legal in one state, but mightn’t be legal in your state.

Safely Buy Drugs Online

Below mentioned some points you should take care of before buying drugs from an online pharmacy:

  • The pharmacies should have a blue,and red colour Verified Internet Pharmacy Practices Sites (VIPPS) which is provided by NABP.
  • You can check any pharmacy using the LegitScript’s search tool and find out if the pharmacy is legit or not.
  • It is true the cheaper you get, the more you would go for it, but you should know that cheap doesn’t mean that it can be too low because they didn’t put up an online pharmacy to give you medicines spending from their pocket.

There are legitimate websites such as, where you get drugs for erectile dysfunction at a reasonable rate.