Everyone should smile often. You might expect to hear this from an oral specialist, but the truth is that everyone should take this statement to heart. Research shows that those who smile promote inner-happiness because it helps produce happy neurotransmitters like dopamine. The problem is oral issues can inhibit a person’s smile, but do not fret because the right dentist can help.

Oral Problems can Hinder Your Smile

Certain issues could affect a person’s willingness to smile like the following:

  • Visible discoloration
  • Noticeable dental defects such as cracks or chips
  • Missing teeth
  • Appearance of dental tartar

Of course, these are just a few issues that can make it hard for someone to smile freely, but these problems go beyond aesthetics.

For example, discoloration can go beyond embarrassment as it may be signaling a serious issue that needs to be addressed. One possibility is you may be consuming too much highly pigmented food.

This could be a problem because many foods are acidic, which could mean that you are eating foods that may be harming your dental enamel. Your enamel is your first line of defense against oral pathogens, so acidic and highly pigmented foods should not be eaten excessively; this includes coffee or berries.

Cracked or chipped teeth could cause other issues. For one, these defects could create welcoming environments for harmful bacteria. They can hide in these areas, which puts you in danger of cavities. Missing teeth can lead to other problems that you do not want like misaligned teeth or facial deformation because your teeth are part of the backbone of your oral structure.

Tartar is a protective film formed by the bacteria on your teeth. It allows oral pathogens to eat up your teeth or cause gingivitis. If you are displaying signs of tartar, this needs to be addressed quickly by a professional such as Dr Nancy Halsema.

How the Right Dentist can Help Bring out That Smile

The right dentist has the expertise and technology to ensure that your teeth are taken care of because your smile depends on it.

One thing that good dental offices offer is digital radiography, which is able to take X-rays with 50 percent less radiation compared to older machines. Another tool that dental offices are starting to use is the intraoral camera. This gives the dentist a close up view of your teeth and gums at previously unattainable angles.

These advancements makes it a lot easier to take care of the issues you may be dealing with. For example, modern teeth cleaning includes the cutting-edge Hydrim cleaning process, which promises an effective outcome, so those dealing with discolored teeth could go home with a whiter smile.

Some dentists are now using shade vision, which helps generate a digital color map of your teeth. This is important to ensure that the color of crowns, bridges, or veneers match the rest of your teeth perfectly.

Those dealing with tartar may need to rely on Piezo Ultrasonics, which is a sophisticated tool that uses sonic shocks to gently remove caked on material such as tartar.

Of course, these are just some of the tools a good dentist can use to deal with issues that affect your smile. Keep in mind that it is best to talk to your dentist to get a feel of what can be done to get that smile you have been dreaming of.