Growth hormone and growth releasing hormone sound like same thing but in practically its two different things. To understand this term you need to know how growth hormone work in body and how it maintain balance between our wellness and health. GHRH is produced in the hypothalamus. GHRH stimulate pituitary gland to release hormone in our body. Body growth, it may be metabolism and various physiological process of body. GHRH provides very wide range of results.  Growth hormone is protein hormone that synthesized and secreted by cells called somatotrophs which is present in anterior pituitary.

Metabolic Activity of Growth Hormone:

In body protein, lipids, and carbohydrate are also affected by growth hormone.

Protein metabolism: Growth Hormone stimulates the protein synthesis and reduces the oxidation of protein so amino uptake of body will increase.

Fat metabolism: Growth Hormone also increases the utilization of fat then triglyceride breakdown increase and in adipocytes oxidation will increase.

Carbohydrate metabolism: Growth Hormone has Anti Insulin activity because it increases the glucose synthesis in liver and stimulates the uptake of glucose in body. So overall it increases the secretion of insulin.

During younger age it’s related to height but when it finished then other functions carried by this hormone. Pituitary gland located in brain. Brain gets instruction from Hypothalamus Gland to increase or decrease growth hormone secretion.

Hypothalamus is responsible to maintain body temperature, breathing rate and heart rate also. When Hypothalamus gland senses that body need to increase the growth hormone level then it releases Neurohormone it is called growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH).

When this secretion become excess, then hypothalamus secret another Neurohormone called somatostatin to pituitary gland to reduce the secretion of growth hormone. Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland closely associated with each other so they are not only perform growth hormone function but also maintain the Hormonal balance in body.

If Hypothalamus Gland and Pituitary Gland not Act Properly:

Sometime misbalance created between these glands reason may be genetic, any surgery and some radiation treatment. If deficiency of these hormone in children then he will not achieve full growth in height as their others peer group get. Adult deficiency not only height but will affect other function of body. Some signal your body always provide you let’s see these symptoms-

  • Health and wellness of individual decline
  • Body energy reduction and vitality reduced
  • Depression and stress without any cause
  • Abdominal fat increase
  • Muscles strength reduced

You can say GHRH play important role in our whole life. It’s decline with age so try to maintain this balance before it dipping too low. It can be done through pituitary gland support.

How can diagnose low level of growth hormone?

When you feel changes in the composition of your body, energy level and also in your mental activity then you should consult your doctor. Two tests recommended to analysing Hypothalamus and Pituitary balance in body. One is Arginine-GHRH test second is GH-RH test. This test will be done through sample of blood.