Many people use to prefer condom during the sex so that they avoid the chance of any kind of infection and pregnancy. Most people use the regular size condom without considering the size of it. There are many people think that the condom sizes don’t matter but actually it does. This is because right size condom allows the couple to make the sex more pleasurable and enjoyable. If you not wear a right size condom then there is a very high probability that you can’t enjoy the pleasure of sec and more than that you can face problems too.

Problem you face for not wearing a right size condom are such as – If you wear too tight condom then there is a chance that it can break and it also make you uncomfortable. If you wear it too loose than it may get slip and then there is a very high chance that your sperm get leaked and leads to unwanted pregnancy to your partner and more than that it may also lead to sexual transmitted diseases. That’s why it is always advised that you should look to a condom size chart and from that chart find and use the right size of condom so that you can enjoy your sex and also make you and your partner safe from STD.

Now days in order to overcome from the problem of bad condom size problem many condom manufacturers made the condom of the different size so that people find condom sizes of their own very easily. Average size of the condom is generally comes in a size of 7.5 inch but there are many other different sizes also available according to your needs such as for smaller size you can get a condom of size 5 to 6 inch and for larger size you get a option of 8 inch of option.