Can women use Winstrol? The anabolic steroids of Winstrol are not an uncommon buy for the female athletes. The bodybuilders love the drug as it provides low androgenic effects compared to other steroid in the current market. The androgenic of Winstrol is related to deepening of voice, hair fall, and some more issues that could get severe.

It is evident that women can also experience side effects but women tend to buy it for reducing fat and having better lean body mass. The anabolic steroids can lead to male effects in women. These sorts of drugs replace female qualities for women and can lead to some male effects like thicker voice. However, there are reports that prove that women consuming anabolic steroids at lower doses don’t have as much as risk they could have.

Winstrol for women

The ideal steroid for women is Anavar, and the next choice is Winstrol. The side effects of Winstrol are greater in women compared to Anavar. Women who are responsible for complementing Stanozolol will not have to worry about the usage.

Women who use Winstrol for cutting will see similar results to what men would. This is the main reason for women to use Winstrol cycle for enhancing weight loss. Women tend to start having a harder physique, and they preserve lean tissue, strength and lose weight while dieting. For these results, women need a tiny dose of around 10 mg every 2 days for a cycle of 5-6 weeks.

Winstrol Side Effects for Women

Is Winstrol oral pills safe for women to bear for a short span of time? The anabolic steroid supplement results in the natural testosterone levels being suppressed. This is same for Stanozolol along with other steroids. This is also why most men use testosterone with Winstrol. What form they use is not important, as long as they consume the steroids in the right way.

When men stop consuming Winstrol, the natural testosterone starts recovering and the testicles come back to shape. However, this is not same for women. Females might be affected by a mild androgenic effect of Winstrol. When women notice virilization from Winstrol, they should immediately stop using and make sure that the minimum signs don’t last either.

Virilization is the major condition that women can suffer. They can start having more body growth, deeper voice, disrupted menstrual, clitoris enlargement, and more. Most anabolic steroid leads to virilization, but there are a few like Anavar and Winstrol that give low effects. You just need to know that having the right doses can help you, and keep the side effects to the lowest.


Women are sensitive to steroids so they cannot choose cycle that men do. If women take 10 mg of Winstrol every day, it would put on some large lean tissue. However, some women could be overly sensitive. So, women can also experience side effects and those could be greater than that of men. It is better to be on the safer side than to go overboard with side effects.