A good physique is only attributed towards the male population, but there are many women out there who look after their body with care. They like to get lean muscles to give them a strong look. Though the exercise and diet will help greatly to achieve the desired body, like the men women also need the help of steroids to gain result fast. The most favored steroid by women bodybuilders is Anavar that is the brand name of hormone Oxandrolone. This is considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids that assists in lean muscle mass bodybuilding cycles effectively. Women have only a fewer choices when it comes to choose an anabolic steroid that will suit their physiology. Anavar with its fairly mild characteristics is preferred over any other steroid as it is still powerful, with very few negative effects.

Pushing the Accurate way for Perfection

This anabolic steroid is best known for giving a lean look so it is not preferable for men who want a bulky figure, but it is very useful if they are on the cutting phase. This hormone is very efficient in increasing the overall metabolic activity of a person, which ensures that people get a hard, lean and strong physique. Though this steroid alone may not give men the desired result so it can be stacked with other steroid to get the best results. For women this is not the case, as this steroid alone can do wonders to the body. Anavar is known for not aromatizing, which assists women to lose fat and gain muscles. These muscles are not bulky, but lean in nature so it gives a hard look to the body. So it is preferred by people who need the support to gain lean muscle mass bodybuilding cycle. The dosage levels of both men and women can be summarized as

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  • Men a daily dose of 50mg to 80mg for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Some men may take up to 100mg a day to see visible results in their body. But that will only give bad effects to the body so it is preferred to stick to the prescribed dose.
  • For women they can start with a dose of 10mg daily and increase to 20mg to 25mg daily to increase their strength and increase their athletic ability.

Using it Right for Glorious Triumph

So this feature has made this steroid preferred by athletes who need enhances strength as well as good performance during their game. Men who prefer an attractive physique that look more athletic nature can opt for this steroid. As this steroid is expensive people must make best use of their supply in a good manner as misuse of this may lead to side effects like

  • Acne
  • Mood swings
  • Hair loss
  • Male characteristics in women

It is important to understand the reaction a drug has to a person’s body before taking it. Sometimes people may have allergic reactions to the steroids, which may be irreversible so caution must be taken before taking any steroid. Taking steroids in the prescribed amount will give good results, if failed to follow the instructions it may cause negative effects.