When most people hear the word “superfood”, they roll their eyes thinking, “Oh boy, somebody’s going to try to convince me to eat kale again.” We understand your pain, and even though we actually like kale, we’re happy to present four of the best-tasting superfoods that will give your meals and snacks a healthy boost this year.

  1. Nut Oils

Although peanut oil has long been a staple of deep-fried fare, other nut oils are starting to get their day in the sun. There’s a huge variety of nut oils, including cashews, walnuts, and almonds–each has its own unique (and usually very strong) flavor. They’re perfect for roasting vegetables or used alongside vinegar and seasoning for a killer salad dressing.


If you love Asian cuisine (Indian, specifically), you’re probably no stranger to the pungent yellow spice known as turmeric. However, if it’s not a spice you reach for very often, studies show that you should probably change that. It contains a nutrient known as curcumin (which is also found in cumin) that can boost everything from cardiovascular issues like poor circulation to mood disorders like depression.

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In fact, turmeric brings a level of rejuvenation only matched by Serenity Rejuvenation center (http://serenityrejuvenationcenter.com/).

According to this piece from the UK’s Daily Mail,

  1. Chaga Mushrooms

Okay, this is less of a food than a tea, but its mdedicinal and health-boosting properties are almost too numerous to list (although the Canadian edition of Huffington Post recently published a helpful list of Chaga Health Benefits.

In addition, some readers might disagree with us on this, but we find the unique, spicy tasty of chaga mushroom tea absolutely delicious. The tea is packed with antioxidants and hard-to-find nutrients, but be warned: dried chaga mushrooms are expensive, and if you can, you should buy them in bulk.

  1. Watermelon Seeds

Although most people spit out watermelon seeds (or skip them altogether by purchasing seedless watermelons) those little black seeds pack a powerful wallop of protein, antioxidants, and vitamins. Look for them as an addition to several health food supplements, protein powders, and nutrition bars (or go straight to the source and enjoy an extra slice of watermelon at your next backyard picnic).

P.S. The AARP clearly agrees with this assessments, too, as they included watermelon seeds on their list of superfoods for seniors.

Making the Most of these Superfoods

The best (and most budget-friendly) way to enjoy these ingredients is to find ways to prepare or cook them at home. If you’re at a loss, you should consider downloading one of the popular recipe apps that allow users to search recipes by ingredients they contain.

We’d love to hear about any of your favorite recipes you’ve found for these four powerful, nutrient-rich superfoods that are flying off of grocery shelves in 2017. Feel free to comment below, or engage with us on social media if you have suggestions, tips, or questions about these products.