Lip injections have been surrounded by stigma ever since the concept came into limelight. People often associate it with over plumped lips that look extremely unappealing. This is, however, not a completely unfair assumption since there have been numerous cases in which the lip injections have certainly gone terribly wrong thus ingraining into the minds of the viewers that the result of the lip injections will always be disastrous. However, some of the misconceptions are just myths that happened to be exaggerated versions of the lip injection fails, which do not tend to occur as assumed.

Poor results cannot be reverted

There are different sorts of fillers out there that can be used as lip injections, though fillers such as polylactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite can take a year or two to disintegrate, a hyaluronic acid can be dissolved easily. If a person gets hyaluronic acid filler, which should be used in smaller amount especially for first-time users, and they decide they do not like the look of it, they can get injected with an eraser enzyme to immediately get rid of the filler. After this all the person has to do is wait for the swelling to go away and their lips will return to normal.

Once you start you cannot stop

A lot of people think that the lip fillers will stretch the lips out and if the treatment stops they will deflate and start sagging. This is not true. A person can stop the lip treatments whenever they wish to and expect their lips to not deflate and go out of shape. When you get injected with the hyaluronic acid, an element already present in our body, the collagen production gets stimulated. Once you stop the treatment the natural enzymes of the body start to dissolve the filler, it can take 6 months to two years depending on the particle size of the filler used. The leftover particles tend to thicken the dermis of the skin which helps prevent fine lines.

Fillers are recognizable

A lot of people refrain from getting lip injections because they feel that their lips will balloon up and not plump up in a natural way which will be very noticeable. This instance, of lip filler treatment becoming way too prominent, occurs only when the doctor who has injected the particle is unprofessional. Lip fillers are only about 10 percent of the product and 90 percent is about the technique.

The expense of continuous refills

People worry that once they start the lip injections treatment they will have to continuously get refills and which might also increase the expenses incurred. The truth is that even though you might have to get touched up, the treatments do not have to occur very frequently. Depending on the kind of filler, the shortest amount of time-space that you will get between treatments is around 6 months.

The most important factor to look at when hoping for a successful lip treatment is that your doctor should be a professionally licensed dermatologist who has had experience doing all this.