Doctor Raphael Pappo created the Oxandrolone (Anavar) under the trademark name Oxandrin who worked for Searle laboratories. In 1964 he created Anavar to treat multiple diseases including muscle wasting disease. During those times no one knew about anabolic supplements and he hit the bodybuilding fraternity with his creation. Then Searle laboratory was purchased by Pfizer and the Anavar manufacturing was discontinued. This is the story behind Anavar inception.

Muscle Media 2000, the first national magazine that talked openly about the anabolic supplements, gave Anavar the highest rating, that’s why it had a kick start among bodybuilders, athletes. It stated that Anavar had given incredible benefits with low toxicity than other drugs so that its popularity was escalated.

Oxandrolone for both men and women

Oxandrolone steroid cycle is one of the mildest yet safest anabolic supplements at all time. Its mild anabolic nature turned it to be the most preferable and well-tolerated drug among women. So, it has been remarkably called as “Girls steroid”. However, still, Anavar is used by male athletes with little disadvantages. Irrespective of sex, Anavar is well suited for cutting cycles which would be the primary purpose of most of the users. This fast acting DHT oral anabolic supplement greatly preserves lean tissue and also enhances the total metabolic activity. The actually gained lean muscle mass is preserved especially during a dieting phase.

Anabolic androgenic supplements are prone to virilization side effects, especially in women. Though it might be possible for most of the anabolic androgenic supplements, still Anavar can be considered. The throttling effects say deep voice, hair growth, and menstrual problems may arise and disappear soon after stopping Oxandrolone. However, care should be taken initially to avoid irreversible symptoms.

Most of the men choose Anavar cycle for cutting process or dieting phase to get ripped physique. Oxandrolone steroid cycle helps to achieve cutting diet phase perfectly in preserving lean muscle tissue while on a restricted diet and increase total metabolic activity. A lean muscle mass always boosts harder appearance. One may go up to 100 mg of Oxandrolone in cutting cycle and not strictly above that.

The best cutting cycle:

50-80 mg is majorly used by men per day to see the better results. But some would take 100 mg of a warrant. If the cycle goes over the limit only diminishing results can be seen except positive results including dangerous side effects. 6-8 week cycle is common and subtle Oxandrolone cycle and there is no need to repeat it again. The expense and downside effects shall be monitored to use the cycle at the best.

A woman’s Anavar cycle depends on the level of the exposure and the cycle length. Some suggestions are given as:

5-10 mg every day along with 5 mg of Winstrol Plus is recommended for starters. The cycle may be last up to eight weeks. After reaching the advanced level, increase the dosage to 20 mg every day and you may double your intake of Winstrol to 10 mg. Whatever the process, the procedure, the results depend on the dosage, diet, and regular workouts.