This oil is often referred to as the ‘liquid gold’ by many! This magical potion is called argan oil and it comes from the argan tree that is seen in the city of Morocco. This oil is rich in different nutritions, fatty acid and the best compound for skin and hair – the vitamin E. This oil is mostly used to moisturize skin and hydrate the whole body. The vitamin E gives the skin a supple feel and the fatty acid boosts the skin to glow. The oil gets absorbed by the skin easily and keeps the skin healthy and young for a longer time.

Face mask and moisturizer

This oil helps to keep the skin of the face healthy too. You can keep it in your daily regime for skin care. Clean your face and then take a few drops of this magical oil and spread all over your face. Leave it for the night and you will feel the difference within a few days. It is non-greasy and will take care of your facial skin throughout the night. In the morning you will get fresh and glowing skin to show off to the world. You can use a few drops into the face toner and see your face getting toned and hydrated at the same time. You can also use the organ oil into your face mask and you will find your face showing better results after you clear off the mask.

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Natural oil can be used in foods

This oil is also used for culinary purpose. The culinary argan oil can be added to salads or couscous and in sauces. This helps make spreads special and some food tastes and looks good with the oil added to it. This is versatile oil and therefore you can use it safely in your foods. You will find this oil is being used in Creamy sauces and roasted vegetables. There are fishes that are grilled using this oil and the warm nutty smell gives it a different taste and smell too.

Roasted cheese salads, dried fruits and biscuits are also prepared with this oil. This oil helps in reducing cholesterol, diabetes and arthritis. The ones who want to lose weight or BMI will also get benefitted with the culinary oil.

Used to care for foot, hand and lips

This oil is also used for softening of foot and hand. The brittle nails and dry, rough hands often need special care that is provided by this oil. The feet often gets hardened with days of walking and with proper massage with this oil, the hard feet will start feeling soft and happy. The nails and roughened parts become soft and healthy. The lips get chapped in dry and cold weather. Use of this argan oil can give it a touch of magic to make them look soft and supple.

Loves to manage your hair

This organ oil also helps the hair grow softer and silky. If you want healthy and shining hair, the best way is to massage your scalp with this oil for a few days. It is not greasy and will not make your hair sticky or limp. Soon you will find healthy hair from the roots to the tip. There will be no split ends or frizzy shafts of hair. It also conditions the hair and you will have a manageable headful of beautiful glory on your crown.