Generally speaking, all the anabolic androgenic supplements will have some side effects in common, especially when they are misused or overdose the adverse effects will be experienced by the users. Besides this, taking alcohol while consuming AAS is fatal and this habit will deteriorate all the main organs of the body.

How dangerous is Anavar & alcohol?

The liver is the main organ which metabolizes both Anavar and alcohol. So such usage strains the detoxification pathways of liver and leads to liver toxicity. Anavar @Oxdandrolone, the highly potent AAS drug should be taken under the supervision of a medical practitioner. For such reasons, se beber tomando oxandrolona intake should be avoided to shun fatalities.

Alcohol metabolization is done fast among the experienced drinkers along with fewer side effects, whereas a non-drinker might find more impact of alcohol. The same functionality implies to the AAS. 25-50 mg of Anavar dosage is recommended for men and for women 10 mg a day is enough. The dosage will influence on side effects when taken with alcohol.

Drinking while on AAS cycles is highly dangerous if you are not careful about your alcohol limit or if you unable to control alcohol addiction. You may find out many sources to read about the relativity between alcohol and drug reaction. There are many discussion forums in which the people would have discussed Anavar and alcohol consumption.

Anavar stacking

Most of the bodybuilders, athletes combine Anavar with other synthetic AAS Testosterone, deca, Winstrol and also they add up anti-estrogenic or anti-aromatization drugs to alleviate the side effects. One should keep in mind that the more you mix, the severe, dangerous effects will be possible. Trenbolone itself is quite a harsh AAS that can contribute to liver damage, if it is mixed with alcohol, the side effects are unimaginable.

Many bodybuilders and athletes stack Anavar with other PED say Halotestin, Winstrol, HGH, Equipoise, Primobolan. If you find good results with a particular dose, then going beyond the level is not advisable. Abusing or taking Anavar along with alcohol could increase the risk/severity of insomnia, anxiety, virilization, Gynecomastia, libido changes, and even hepatic damage in severe cases. If you are drinking Oxandrolon should be avoided during and after the cycle. This helps you to obtain the desired results along with a healthy physique.

Anavar effects & side effects:

Anavar’s generic name is Oxandrolone and it contains this as an active ingredient. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, magnesium stearate, corn starch, lactose are other inactive ingredients. The half life of Anavar in maximum 10 hours and it is easily traced out in the drug test for up to 4 weeks. The drug is classified as Schedule III Controlled substance in most of the countries. Within 6-8 weeks of the time the users feel increased body strength along with weight reduction and fat reduction. However, it may induce virilization troubles in women such as deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth, clitoral enlargement, menstrual issues whereas men will have Gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissues). However, Anavar’s side effects are less than other AAS. That’s why most of the men and women bodybuilders choose it for their weight reduction, cutting cycles.