What is Dabbing

Many have gone beyond smoking weed to gain a greater experience with cannabis. With various types of blow glasses made, consumers can now choose the best cannabis usage for them. This whole process is called dabbing, and the blow glass made devices are called dab rigs or oil rigs.

Since more people have transition from flower to concentrates, blow makers all over are in fierce competition to make various designs of dab rigs to attract more consumers. It all just depends on one’s preference on which dab rig is right for him/her. And furthermore, the glass joint would be either female or male, and they are intended for holding a nail in which heats up as the concentrate is placed on it. Then, this, in turn, causes vaporization.

Qualities of Great Dab Rigs

As mentioned before, dabbing goes beyond the traditional smoking methods. The effects of dabbing are more potent with a cleaner taste, and just a little bit of cannabis goes a long way. Also, when it comes to dab rigs, there are some that have direct and precise airstream due to breaking up the smoke. This type of dab rig will allow smoke to swirl upwards through the down stem of the diffuser and right into the top round chamber and then it will pull back down a recycling connection tube. Some oil rigs are lightweight and are simply functional, and there are some that are known as incredibly looking robot rigs that work very well. Whatever dab rig is chosen, it’s always best to consider the water volume, functionality, durability, and portability.

Dabbing Tools

There are other parts that go with dabbing also, and they are as follows:

  • Nail– the main types include quartz nails or domeless titanium nails. The borosilicate glass nails are easily breakable, and thus, should be avoided. Domeless is the earlier form of nails that required a glass dome to catch the vapor and surround them.
  • Dab Mat (Rag)– this is best to use to prevent spatters, wastage of stray dabs getting on a table, and other messes.
  • Carb Cab Dabber– this includes a carb cab and a dabber to get the concentrate on the hot nail surface.
  • E-Nail– a.k.a electronic nail, this is for those who really love the flavors of concentrates and are willing to invest a little more money for the best experience possible. This device provides consistency in adjustable heat that keeps the nail at the right temperature.
  • Torch– heats a piece of metal or glass, and it comes in different price ranges. Some refillable butane should also be purchase as well with this tools.

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