We all love to look young and healthy. There is a good feeling accompanied with being told that your face is cuter. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a younger face may be a daunting task, the secret lies in eating healthy foods and practicing good skin care habits. People know little about their skins. The only thing they can say about their skin is whether it’s a sensitive skin, oily skin or dry skin. However, there is much to learn about your skin such as the type of your skin. Waterfront Wellness allows you to discover natural ways of treating your body including your skin without exposing it to hazardous chemical products.

Protection from the sun
The first secret to having a good skin lies in protecting your skin from the sun. When the skin is exposed to the sun for a long period, the result is age spots, wrinkles and skin problems that make you look ugly and old. Furthermore, conditions such as the skin cancer are likely to increase with exposure to the sun. A good professional will recommend to you many ways of protecting your skin from the sun with the common methods being using a sunscreen, seeking shade and wearing clothes that protect you from sun exposure. With sunscreen, it’s recommendable for you to make use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen preferably one with a 15 SPF. If you are into activities that increase sun exposure such as perspiring and swimming, consider applying the cream after an interval of two hours.

For a health skin, ensure that you stay away from 10 am to 2 pm sunlight as it is known to damage the skin. If you are walking into the sun, consider covering your skin completely. You can decide to wear long-sleeved light clothes and even wide-brimmed hats to protect your head from the sun. There are laundry additives that offer sun protection. Consider them when washing your clothes.

Stop smoking
If you are planning on having a healthier skin free of wrinkles, you should consider the option of quitting smoking. This is because smoking is attributed to wrinkling and narrowing blood vessels making blood flow slowly. This at the end of the day results in oxygen and nutrients depletion on the important parts of the skin. Smoking is also attributed to damaging elastin and collagen that is associated with elasticity and strength of the skin. You may consider asking your doctor for the tips to follow to quit smoking completely.

Remember to be gentle on your skin
This is the last step in having a healthy skin. Keep off some procedures as they harm your skin. For instance, limit the number of minutes that you are in the bathroom as long and hot showers are known to remove skin oil. Also, to have good skin, remember to keep off strong detergents and soaps. Instead, opt for the mild cleansers. Don’t forget to shave carefully by using shaving cream and gel. Remember to shave towards the direction the hair grows. At the end of the day, maintaining a moisturized skin is the key to healthy skin.