Some symptoms during pregnancy like fatigue and backache are minor. But others are serious like severe nausea, bleeding, and vomiting. During pregnancy varicose veins can also be a challenge to many. There are various risks associated with medical treatments like prescription drugs, vitamins, surgeries, and herbs. That is why it can seem difficult to treat varicose veins during pregnancy.

Development of varicose veins during pregnancy

Although various veins can become varicose veins, the most common veins are affected by this condition are those located in the feet and legs. During pregnancy, the volume of blood increases in the body but at the same time, it also slows blood flow from legs to the pelvis. The change is meant to support the growth of the fetus and prepares the body to deliver. It can also lead to side effects like enlargement of veins in the legs.

Some women do not experience enlarged veins until late pregnancy. Others may experience these veins even at the beginning of pregnancy because of fluctuation of hormones. Varicose veins that occur during pregnancy can improve without medical treatment. It can occur within a period of six to twelve months after the delivery of the baby. The more babies you get, the more varicose veins you can get. The problem can be hereditary, and if your mum experienced them during pregnancy, there are high chances that you may also experience them.

Does and Don’ts While Treating Varicose Veins during Pregnancy

Although many people hate varicose veins because they are not attractive, they do not affect the health of the unborn baby. But they can lead to pain. But in most of the cases, the pain can disappear once the baby is born because the hormones drop to the right level.

Here are some things you can observe to treat varicose veins:

Improved flow of blood and circulation

An experienced vein doctor like Mason Mandy from New York can tell you that keeping your blood moving is crucial to the treatment of varicose veins. If you have children that require care, hire a babysitter that can help you so that you can have some few hours to rest. If you have to stand for an extended period; ensure you change positions of your legs. Also, keep flexing your ankles occasionally which will help in the improvement of blood flow.

Working On Your Muscles

One of the most critical steps to help you in promoting the health of your veins is doing exercise during pregnancy. You can visit an experienced vein doc from Metro Vein Centers to get insights on the type of exercises you should consider during pregnancy. Taking at least a walk or several walks during the day can help in improving the flow of blood. Other choices you can use to enhance the flow of blood include stretching and swimming.

Be Wise with Your Clothes

You should consider wearing clothes that are loose to make you comfortable. Replace tight underwear with one that is loose fitting. Do not wear tight belts and you should consider footwear that cannot cause stumbling.

Talk to a Specialist

You should visit an experienced vein doc to ensure that you do not experience complications. The specialist can help you in understanding the right method to treat veins during pregnancy. They can also discover a complexity before it becomes worse.

Hire a Vein Doctor from Metro Vein Centers

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