Obesity has been taking over the world for years and overweight people have been finding ways to fight back this serious disease. It is an addiction for those who have an obsession with eating, mainly caused by boredom, depression or eating habits since childhood. What is more dangerous is that overweight people get depressed when they look into the mirror so as the results they decide to eat more because they are sad. A healthy diet and proper exercise plan can be hard for some people; therefore weight loss pills have become a good option for overweight people.

There are two main types of diet pills, one is a medicine approved by the FDA.and the other is an over the counter diet pills similar to phentermine. Phentermine is approved by the Food and Drugs Administration and has been used by obese people since 1959. It is the most effective diet medicines that help obese people to control their hunger by suppressing the appetite. Over the counter phentermine alternative, on the other hand, is created to mimic the effects of phentermine with less negative side effects.

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The most difference thing between these two diet pills is that over the counter diet pills similar to phentermine contains various ingredients that not only suppress the hunger but also help the body to burn fat and calories faster. The only active ingredient in the prescription medicine is Phentermine Hydrochloride. It is known to actively suppress the hunger of the patient. People with diseases such as diabetes or hypertension are usually used phentermine prescribed by a doctor.


It is easy to buy over the counter phentermine alternative pills due to the fact that they are sold online. Overweight people don’t need to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription to buy over the counter phentermine alternatives. However, patients should still get advice from their doctor before decide to buy any medicine. With prescription weight loss pills like Phentermine, however, patients need to talk to their doctor first. The doctor needs to calculate the body mass index and overall health condition before the doctor is able to write out a prescription. Normally, weight loss pills are prescribed for people suffering from hypertension and diabetes or for those that have body mass index that is greater than 30. Because of that, prescription pills like Phentermine are normally more expensive than over the counter diet pills.

Exercise and Diet is Still Mandatory

The reviews from the weight loss community will attest to the fact that both of these weight loss pills successfully promote weight loss by suppressing your appetite effectively. With both of these weight-loss pills, obese people still must have a proper diet along with an exercise regimen to lose weight and fat more effectively. Taking these diet pills is only a first step into a healthier lifestyle because they help overweight people to keep track of the intake of calories into the body. After achieved your targeted goal, you must keep getting motivated to be able to maintain the ideal weight for your body.