Winstrol potentially being a classified as a ‘good’ steroid in the market. It still has some glitches such as lowering your good cholesterol and increasing your bad cholesterol. Persons already having the cholesterol on the higher side are not recommended to start with winstrol. The testosterone levels in the body are down by the use of winstrol so, this steroid has to be taken with other synthetic testosterone to balance and perhaps increase the levels. There would be loss of libido.

Half cycles of stanozolol

This drug was mostly used as horse racing steroid as it is a performance enhancer. It started getting used by humans too, to get the same results and hence banned by sporting bodies all over the world.

The half cycle of this drug has to be known to the user so that before a test or when you want to completely wean off or know when to start a new cycle. when consumed orally the active life will be of 8 to 9 hours and injectable stanozolol will have 36 to 48 hours and you will have half lives of 4 to 5 hours and 16 to 24 hours there on.

This steroid gets even better with other steroids and this process of taking a combo of supplements is called stacking. Stanozolol is better stacked with Anavar, HGH, trenbolone and of course testosterone.


Winstrol doesn’t come with any androgenic effects. So it is recommended to combine it with parabolan. Earlier Winstrol was used in combination with Finaject 30 mg. This was mainly utilized as a competition stack. But Finaject is not available today. That is why parabolan can be used in its place. una dosis mayor de 100 mg en 24 hora. So, it is suggested to take 50 mg Winstrol for 1-2 days and based on the performance parabola can be taken at 76 mg 1-2 day. Even though there is no scientific evidence for this, it has worked for majority of the users.

Winstrol-Deca Stack

Deca is used mainly for the bulking cycle. It is the period when bodybuilders focus on increasing muscle mass. Cutting cycle is mainly to lose fats. For bodybuilder and others who are in competitive sports, the use of Deca can be far more beneficial than any other steroid. This is because in addition to enhancing muscle size and strength, Deca also enhances the production of red blood cells and augments bone density as well. It also helps users to maintain healthy appetite which leads to more in-take of nutrients which in turn is helpful to maintain the health and strength of muscles.

Thos who have high blood pressure should not use this stack but for others and healthy people, this stack is safe and can be used comfortably.

Side effects

The side effects of the drug can hazardous depending on usage but controlled use will give you benefits you seek and depend on the tolerance level of every individual.

It is causes female virility, that enlargement of the clitoris, deepening of the vocal chords and body hair growth.