What fine was set for one case of food poisoning at a UK pub chain which resulted in death?

  • £2000
  • £15000
  • £25000
  • £500000
  • £1.5 million

A crippling £1.5 million fine was levied.

Please don’t fall in to the trap of thinking that this could never happen to your food business. It could potentially occur in any firm that doesn’t employ a food safety management system.

Failure to enforce legislation abiding best practices for food hygiene and not maintaining accurate records may prove fatal to your restaurant, pub, takeaway, snack bar or coffee shop, not just its customers.

Even the biggest names in the food industry have felt the weight of the law bearing down on them and do you want to join this list of erring food outlets?

Was that one of your goals when you opened your premises, to fall below legislative demands and drain your firm of customers and therefore revenue?

Obviously, the answer is no so don’t let that be the outcome for your eatery. Manage your food hygiene levels with a proven system.

You may not have experienced a food poisoning related incident and so your confidence in your knowledge and abilities is high.

Perhaps the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme inspector gave you a respectable 3/5 six months ago and you believe that your enterprise is safe.

It may be, but it only takes one incident for the reputation of your business to be dragged down and often this sounds the death knell.

Few people take the risk of eating at a venue that has already endangered people’s wellbeing.

What has become clear from consumer research is that the public understand the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme and what the scores mean. They are largely unforgiving.

When consumers were asked if they would return to a food outlet that had been implicated in a food hygiene issue these were the responses:

42% would never return.

32% would not return unless the management or ownership had changed.

22% would return but only if the food hygiene rating scheme score had increased substantially.

3% would return if they’d had a recommendation from a trusted source.

Could your business survive almost half of your customer base vowing never to return?

Specialist food safety management system training courses are available to everyone in the industry, from the new starter and trainee through to management level.

It is the responsibility of all staff and not just management to ensure that food hygiene levels are maintained, legislation is followed and that risks are identified and eliminated. A food safety management system is a vital tool for efficient and safe operation.

Training companies like Food Alert in London introduce you to food safety management systems like Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points or HACCP and help you to initiate effective measures.

The cost of training is considerably lower than £1.5 million so learn about and adopt a food safety management system to safeguard your business and your customers’ health.